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Importance of ocean sensors for ocean monitoring

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The sensor can measure the elevator wave energy reflected, scattered, or spontaneously radiated by the sea surface in different bands. People can invert some ocean physical quantities by analyzing the elevator wave energy carrying the information. All satellite sensors currently used for ocean observation obtain ocean information based on the principle of electromagnetic radiation. The electromagnetic wavebands used by remote sensing technology are mainly visible light, infrared, and microwave. The sensor is a tool to collect, detect and record electromagnetic radiation information of ground objects. Its performance determines the ability of remote sensing, that is, the sensor's ability to respond to the electromagnetic band, the spatial resolution of the sensor and the geometric characteristics of the image, and the size, and reliability of the information obtained by the sensor.

One of the biggest features of marine instruments and equipment is that the production batch is small, the application range is narrow, and the service life is short. However, the requirements for stability, reliability, and consistency, measurement resolution, and accuracy are particularly high. It is necessary to improve the manufacturing process in the continuous application. and improve technical performance.

With the continuous development of ocean observation technology, sensors play an increasingly prominent role as functional devices for the perception, acquisition, conversion, transmission, and processing of various observation elements. Ocean sensors are the nerve endings of the ocean observation system. As the equipment basis for ocean observation data, they can obtain information such as ocean water quality, hydrology, ecology, imaging, topography, and seismic waves. The accuracy, in-situ, and continuity of their observation data. , which are closely related to the final ocean observations. Therefore, it is of far-reaching significance to develop and develop marine sensors.




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