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Precautions for installation and use of forceweighing sensor

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In order to ensure the accuracy of the forceweighing sensor, there are still some problems that need to be paid attention to during the installation and use. The following details should be paid attention to when installing and using the forceweighing sensor to ensure the accuracy and use of the forcesensor. life


1. The forceweighing sensor should be handled with care, especially for the small-capacity sensor that uses aluminum alloy material as the elastic body. Any shock or drop caused by vibration is likely to cause a large output error.


2. When designing the loading device and installing it, ensure that the line of action of the loading force coincides with the force axis of the load cellloading sensor to minimize the influence of inclined load and eccentric load.


3. In terms of level adjustment. If you are using a single forceweighing sensor, the installation plane of the base should be adjusted until it is level with a spirit level; if multiple sensors are measuring at the same time, the installation surface of their base should be kept on the same level as possible. The purpose of doing so is mainly to ensure that the strength of each sensor is basically the same.


4. Determine the rated load of the sensor used in accordance with the selection of the measuring range of the forceweighing sensor in its description.


5. The mounting surface of the base of the sensor should be as flat and clean as possible, without any oil stains or film. The mounting base itself should have sufficient strength and rigidity, usually higher than the strength and rigidity of the sensor itself.


6. The sensor shell, protective cover, and lead connector are all sealed, and users are not allowed to open it.


7. To prevent chemical corrosion. It is advisable to coat the outer surface of the forceweighing sensor with petroleum jelly during installation. Avoid direct sunlight and use on sites with drastic changes in ambient temperature


8. When it is unavoidable, protection or mitigation devices should be installed.


9. In order to prevent high current from directly passing through the sensor body and damaging the sensor, it is forbidden to conduct electric welding after the sensor is installed.


10. Add bypasses made of copper braided wires at both ends of the load cell load device.


11. The cable should not be lengthened by itself. When it is really necessary to lengthen, the joint should be soldered and moisture-proof sealant should be added.


12. It is best to use some baffles around the load cell to cover the load cell. The purpose of this is to prevent debris from falling into the moving part of the sensor and affect its measurement accuracy.


13. The cable of the sensor should be far away from the power line of strong power or the place with pulse wave. When it is unavoidable, the cable of the forceweighing sensor should be inserted into the iron pipe separately and the connection distance should be shortened as much as possible.


14. Determine the rated load of the sensor used according to the forceweighing sensor range selection in its description. Although the forceweighing sensor itself has a certain overload capacity, it should be avoided as much as possible during installation and use. Happening. Sometimes a short-term overload may cause permanent damage to the sensor.


15. In high-precision applications, the forceweighing sensor and instrument should be used after preheating for 30 minutes.


16. The sensor should be placed in a dry, ventilated and non-corrosive room.


The installation and use of the forceweighing sensor should pay attention to the above details. Why some users use the sensor for a long time to break easily, while some users have never had any problems. This is the same as the forceweighing sensor. The precautions for installation and use are related. After reading the above introduction, you may understand a little bit.


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