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The concept of sensors

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To put it simply, a sensor can be understood by its literal meaning. It is a device for sensing and converting. It can detect information such as temperature, sound, light, etc., and then convert them into current and voltage (such as electrical signals) on the machine. Wait, with it, the machines produced by humans can be intelligent.

Let's take an example: a mobile phone has many functions, it can take pictures, make calls, and play games, right?

How are these functions realized? In fact, the sensor detects some information outside the mobile phone, and then converts them into electric current, so that we humans can control the mobile phone.

For example, when taking a picture, the lens captures the light of the object and then transmits it to the image sensor. The sensor detects the corresponding light and then converts it into an electrical signal, which is then processed and displayed, which becomes our mobile phone. photos are seen above.

Therefore, the image sensor is equivalent to the eyes of the mobile phone and is the core component of shooting.

There are also different sensors on the mobile phone. They can convert information such as sound and pressure into electrical signals, and realize functions such as calling and fingerprint unlocking. If the chip is the brain of the mobile phone, then the sensors and the network are the facial features and nerves of the mobile phone. One is used to convert electrical signals, and the other is used to transmit information.

If there is no sensor, the current smartphone is not even a big mobile phone.

Therefore, sensors, computers, and communication technologies have become the three foundations of modern information technology, and sensors will gradually surpass the other two in the future. Experts believe that they are the core technology of the Internet of Things and will change the present and future world.


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