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Underwater cameras monitor sea creatures

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Although there are many problems, some marine ranches have begun to take the first step in scientific management. The underwater camera is used to monitor the biological activities of the seabed. Through long-term underwater monitoring, the abnormal state of aquatic life can be detected as soon as possible, and risks and disasters can be avoided in time.

Different from the air on land, there is a lot of sediment on the seabed. If the equipment is immersed in water for a long time, there will be many microorganisms and algae attached to the surface of the monitoring equipment, which will deteriorate the quality of the collected images.

Especially for aquaculture areas, the surface of the underwater monitoring equipment will accumulate impurities such as the excrement of underwater organisms and the food residues after the underwater organisms eat. These impurities greatly affect the shooting effect of the underwater monitoring equipment, seriously affecting the clarity and reliability of video shooting, and what's more, will directly make underwater monitoring work impossible.


At this time, manual or necessary cleaning devices are required to clean the surface of the collection window of the monitoring equipment. However, most of the current underwater cameras do not have a self-cleaning function, and can only be cleaned manually. The monitoring device needs to be brought out of the water for cleaning, which is labor-intensive and costly.

In order to better solve this problem, a deep-water network camera with its own wiper has been developed, which can not only self-clean the camera but also clean the lights together.

The deep water wiper network camera is mainly used in underwater long-term fixed-point video monitoring, such as aquaculture fixed-point monitoring, deep sea cage culture fixed-point video observation, etc. Realize video transmission and real-time monitoring. Equipped with a self-cleaning mechanism, it can be automatically cleaned with a cleaning brush at the bottom of the water.

External lighting for video shooting in dark environments. It can be deployed and used underwater for a long time, and the maintenance period is more than 3 months. The standard working water depth is 50 meters, and different depth levels can be customized according to the needs of the work.

The built-in image enhancement algorithm and automatic underwater fog penetration function can effectively enhance the imaging in muddy water and suppress the greening of the imaging in shallow water, and the condition of scallops and fish can be seen clearly in the dark environment.


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