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Underwater Connector 4pins Bulkhead Connector And Inline Cable Connector

1. Small volume and lightweight, small footprint, professional wet plug.
2. High seawater corrosion-resistant stainless steel shell material.
3. Standard pin and hole position distribution, 7/16″-20 UNF tail thread, can be exchanged with different brands of the same model.

  • GLF-JCJ-4

  • Granfoo

  • GLF-JCJ-4


Dimensions Detail:



Materials and specifications


The seawater corrodes stainless steel

Install screw

7/16-20 UNF thread length is 15/19mm

Socket head

Neoprene (special mixing rubber for underwater connector)

Contact Pin

Gold-plated copper alloy, American standard pin

Texture of material

303 stainless steel (2 needle Ø 3.2, 3/4 needle Ø 2, 5/6/8 needle don’t need)


Nitrile rubber, the imported o-rings, parker 2-014, Ø 12.42 x 1.78

Locking lid

Polyformaldehyde resin (POM)

Cable plug body

Special polyether

Install line

Teflon, silver-plated pure copper.

End cap

Neoprene (special mixing rubber for underwater connector)

Cable plug

Pressure-resistant seawater special cable.

Technical Performance


Rating Value


0~1000 meters


300V (resistance to voltage is greater than 1500V 60s)

Working current


Insulation resistance

> 1000 m Ω (room temperature)

Wet insertion frequency

> 500 times

Working temperature


More Pins:

Bulkhead Connector Male Plug and In-Line Connector Female Socket (Dummy Locking include)


Bulkhead Connector Female Plug and In-Line Connector Male Socket (Dummy Locking include)


Contact configuration

1. Always apply grease before mating

2. Pull out, pull straight out, do not twist around

3. Do not pull on the cable and avoid sharp bends at cable entry

4. When using a bulkhead connector, ensure that there are no angular loads

5. All kinds of connectors should not be exposed to extended periods of heat or direct sunlight

Greasing and mating above water (dry mate)

1. Connectors must be greased with Molykote 44 Medium (recommended brand) before every mating

2. A layer of grease corresponding to minimum 1/3 of socket depth should be applied to the female connector

3. The inner edge of all sockets should be completely covered, and a thin transparent layer of grease left visible on the face of the connector

4. After greasing, fully mate the male and female connector in order to secure optimal distribution of grease on pins and in sockets

5. To confirm that grease has been sufficiently applied, de-mate and check for grease on every male pin. Then re-mate the connector

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Phone: +86-18629314188
Adress: No. 11112, Unit 1, Lanhai Building, Zhangba Street Office, High-tech Zone, Xi'an City, Shaanxi, China
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